In screen printing, a flat, solid surface on which the substrate is placed for printing.

Also in screen printing, the term base refers to an extender pigment or transparent pigment.

In printing ink manufacturing, base refers to an ink vehicle containing a dispersion of only one pigment in a high pigment-to-binder ratio, which is the mixture of vehicle, pigment, and binder that undergoes mixing to produce a printing ink with the desired end-use characteristics and properties.

The term base also refers to an alkaline substance, a material having a pH greater than 7. See Alkali and pH.

In mathematics, the term base refers to a reference value on which a numerical system is based. We are most familiar with a decimal—or "base 10"—system; most calculations in daily life are based on ten digits. In computing, the binary system is referred to as "base 2," as a computer can only recognize two separate digits, 0 and 1.

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