Chromium Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile

An inorganic color pigment used in printing inks. Chromium Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile is a buff-colored brown pigment possessing high lightfastness, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. It also possesses low tinctorial strength, a coarse texture, and slightly dirtier shades. It is composed of oxides of chromium (1:6%), antimony (8:12%), and titanium (80:90%) (chemical formulae Cr2O3, Sb2O3, and TiO2, respectively). It is used in a variety of printing processes and applications in which the low tinctorial strength and abrasive texture are not undesirable. (See also Inorganic Color Pigments.)

('CI Pigment Brown 24 No. 77310'.)

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