To review copy and mark it for changes and/or corrections. In this context, edit refers to the function of a supervisory person performing editorial tasks on another's written material.

To modify and rearrange material according to a proofreader's recommendations. In this context, editing is generally done on an interactive terminal which will display the contents of an existing data file so that changes may be made before the file is re-stored.

Editing program: Computer hardware and/or software that allows editing to be done on a terminal by an operator. The editing program controls the performance of the video screen, editing keys, cursor movement, and sometimes the placement of line numbers and other notations.

Any point of a videotape where either the audio or video content has been manipulated (added to, deleted, replaced, extended, shortened or otherwise changed from its original form), in order to attain the final form of the production.

The modification of data, format, and code conversion and the application of processes such as zero suppression.

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