One of the major differences between typing and typing for typesetting input, is the need to end each paragraph with some designator.

All systems are capable of justifying ever line between the specified margins. Of course, we do not want the last line of a paragraph to be justified so we end it with either:

1. A Quad Left command

2. A Quad Left and Return

3. A special End-Of-Paragraph command.

The use of the third method allows more sophisticated formatting. Because this unique command comes only at the end of paragraphs, certain formats can be set up:

1. Indention values can be set up for paragraphs. Thus the command "indent paragraph one pica [ip1]" will indent the first line following the command, and the indent will be cancelled with the first End-Of-Paragraph command that is encountered.

2. Since the first line of a paragraph is often indented, an automatic format can be set up to indent the first line a certain amount in picas and points for all lines following an end-of-paragraph command. Thus each time the machine senses an end-of-paragraph code it will automatically indent the next line only by the amount programmed.

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