In layout, a rectangle (or other shape) placed on a page and filled with text or graphics. In page makeup programs, such as QuarkXPress, frames are also used to create specific regions for the placement of text or graphics. Frames can either have borders or be borderless.

The term frame also refers to any screenful of information on a computer monitor.

In television and video, a frame is used to describe one particular complete video picture, comprising two interlaced fields. In NTSC, one frame equals 525 horizontal lines written in approximately one-thirtieth of a second.

In motion pictures, animations, or film strips, a frame is a single picture in a sequential group of pictures, the rapid movement of which creates the illusion of movement.

In networking, the term frame refers to one particular unit of data sent over a network, also known as a packet. See Packet. The subdivision of data into individual frames is called framing.

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