Global Orientation


Welcome to the global orientation page. The basic idea behind this page is to provide people with a guided tour around the world of the printing industry. As such it is an introductionary page for people who are not really familiar with the topic. Otherwise, it might also provide some structure to the wiki inviting people elaborate on different topics. At first, the links will remain unlinked. As the wiki develops however, more and more links will be "filled" to provide a complete overview.

The world of print encompasses a lot of different topics, and it can be structured in a great many ways. In this approach, the division of different chapters will be based on the different stages a document passes through. The term document can be interpreted in various ways. It could be a mere black and white name card, an art history encyclopedia containing many pages, or a daily newspaper.

The Structure

  1. Creation of a Document

  2. Publishing

  3. Pre-Press

  4. Printing

  5. Post Press

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