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Text Formatting Rules

Leave blank lines between paragraphs. Use [[BR]] to insert linebreaks into paragraphs.

Centered text needs arrows around it. Otherwise it is "left-justified" in layout.
To write italics, enclose the text in double single-quotes
For bold text, enclose the text in triple single-quotes.
Underlined text needs a double underscore on each side.
You get superscripted text by enclosing it in caret characters,
and subscripts have to be embedded in double commas.
Strikethrough text needs two dashes and an X.


Centered Text
To get "I am centered." to appear in the middle of the line, you must type:

-->I am centered.<--

Your result will be this:

I am centered.

To change the sentence "I am not available." to read "I am not available.", add two dashes and an X around the word "not":

I am --XnotX-- available.

Inline Text

{{{'''No''' markup here! [[Iamamacro]]}}}

Your result will be this:

'''No''' markup here! [[Iamamacro]]

4. Block of mixed code example. The first section is the code and the resulting section shows how it renders on the page:

Mix Match

__Mixing__ ''italics'' and '''bold''':
 * '''''Mix''' at the beginning''
 * '''''Mix'' at the beginning'''
 * '''Mix at the ''end'''''
 * ''Mix at the '''end'''''

You might recall ''a''^2^ `+` ''b''^2^ `=` ''c''^2^ from your math lessons, unless your head is filled with H,,2,,O.


Mixing italics and bold:

You might recall a2 `+` b2 `=` c2 from your math lessons, unless your head is filled with H2O.

For more information on the possible markup, see Help on Editing.

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