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Review your intentions. PrintWiki is not a space for personal promotion or the promotion of your products. If you're here to tell readers how great something is, or to get exposure for an idea or product, you're in the wrong place. Likewise, if you're here to make sure that PrintWiki cites you as the authority on something you'll probably be disappointed.
Don't make a new article for your own product or Web site. If the community believes your products bear the merit is deserves, the community will make those pages. —MichaelWoods

I can respect your desire to keep this site clean and relevant- however I feel that Markzware, being in this business since 1992 and serving the print and publishing market from the start should be here. Saying this from two presepectives, but most importantly as a user. If you feel certain elements of the history or facts need editing, that is your or the communities job, right?

It is everyones responsibility especially the initial poster. It is often better not to write an article about the company you work for or own. Firstly, you may have problems maintaining a neutral point of view, and secondly, it may be that your article will be quickly redacted down to just the bare facts. If your company is notable enough, someone will quickly write an article about it. —MichaelWoods

That is fair enough, good tips going forward. Honestly, just got cooking on this last night and it got sort of addictive. I truly like the idea of this printwiki! —DavidDilling

Sweet David! We enjoy having you on board, and I am glad our comments and philosophy did not scare you off. I am sure you have good experience and facts you can share about prepress and preflighting on this site. If you are interested in joining the discussions revolving around the usage & philosophy of PrintWiki check out [WWW]http://meta.printwiki.orgMichaelWoods

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