PMTA Greens

A series of organic color pigments used in printing inks. PMTA Deep Green is a bright bluish green possessing moderate lightfastness, but with a tendency to darken when exposed to the sun. It is not effectively resistant to alkalis, soaps, or strong solvents. It is used in all types of printing inks and applications requiring an intense shade. PMTA refers to the presence of phosphotungstomolybdic acid, the "triple salt" of which is contained by the pigment.

('CI Pigment Green 1 No. 42040:1'.)

PMTA Vivid Green is a mixture of PMTA Deep Green and a yellow PMTA pigment ('CI Pigment Yellow 18 No. 49005:1') which produces a brilliant emerald green, possessing poor lightfastness and low heat and alkali resistance. It is used when the shade is desired, but its low resistance characteristics limit its use. (See also Organic Color Pigments.)

('CI Pigment Green 2'.)

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