PMTA Victoria Blue

An organic color pigment used in printing inks. PMTA Victoria Blue is a bright reddish blue of high tinctorial strength and which possesses good lightfastness when used at full strength, but which succumbs to darkening when reduced. It also possesses poor resistance properties. It is used in most types of inks, despite the expense of the pigment, primarily because the hue cannot be replicated with other pigments. Like other PMTA pigments, it is produced using a "triple salt" of phosphoric, molybdic, and tungstic acids. "Double salt" varieties using phosphoric acid and one of the two other acids can also be produced, though these tend to be stronger in color, but not as lightfast. (See also Organic Color Pigments.)

Also known as PMTA Brilliant Blue ('CI Pigment Blue 1 No. 42595:2').

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