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No Self Promotion

There are many companies and individuals related to the printing industries. These companies and individuals are not allowed to use PrintWiki to advertise their goods and services. Articles about companies and individuals should be more along the lines of a biography and should respect their competitors.

You are free to write about yourself or projects you have a strong personal involvement in. However, remember that the articles must meet the requirement to maintain a neutral point of view, which is difficult when writing about yourself or your product. Creating overly abundant links and references to autobiographical articles is unacceptable.

Articles about companies and products are acceptable if they are written in an objective and unbiased style. All article topics must be third-party verifiable. External links to commercial organizations are acceptable if they can serve to identify major corporations associated with a topic. Please note PrintWiki does not endorse any businesses and it does not set up affiliate programs.

Articles considered advertisements include those that are solicitations for a business, product or service, or are public relations pieces designed to promote a company or individual. Spam articles are usually noted for sales-oriented language and external links to a commercial website. However, a differentiation should be made between spam articles and legitimate articles about commercial entities.

Some people spam Wikipedia without meaning to. That is, they do things which are considered to be spam, without realizing that their actions are not in line with building an encyclopedia. A new editor who owns a business may see that there are articles about other businesses on PrintWiki, and conclude that it would be appropriate to create his own such article. A Web site operator may see many places in PrintWiki where his or her site would be relevant, and quickly add several dozen links to it.

Another form of self-promotion is adding inappropriate external links for advertisement and/or self-promotion. This applie to placing links on numerous and/or unrelated pages. Adding self-promotional links to a few related articles may be inappropriate, but is not vandalism.

When self promotional vandalism is spotted the offending articles will either be trimmed or removed. Contributors posting such articles will be banned from future posting. See the PrintWiki Vandalism Policy for details

To avoid being labeled a spammer

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