Dispute resolution

The best way to resolve a dispute is to avoid them in the first place.

Disputes will occur, and should be handled civilly on the associated talk pages. Disputes include intentional vandalism, contributor's behavior, editorial approach and validity of content.

Be respectful to others and their points of view. This means primarily: Do not simply revert changes in a dispute. When someone makes an edit you consider biased or inaccurate, improve the edit, rather than reverting it. Provide a good edit summary when making significant changes that other users might object to.

The first step in resolving almost any conflict is to discuss the issue on a talk page. Either contact the other party on that user's talk page, or use the talk page associated with the article in question. If the dispute is over an article, then it should be discussed on the articles talk page. If the dispute is over a user's actions the dispute should be on the talk page for that user.

Never carry on a dispute on the article page itself.

Another solution to a dispute is to stop having it - by leaving the article and/or bringing in an outside editor. This is particularly helpful when disputing with new users as it gives them a chance to familiarize themselves with the policy and culture of PrintWiki.

If talking to the other parties involved and taking a break fails, you may as a last resort you may contact the PrintWiki Administrators. Send an email to disputes (at) printwiki |dot| org. Make sure to include as much detail(dates, names etc) and a well thought out reason for your claim. All disputes will be managed as transparently as possible.

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