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Quark, Inc. is a privately owned software company best known for QuarkXPress. Quark was founded 1981 by Tim Gill and Marc Pope and first released word processing software for the Apple II and Apple III. Fred Ebrahimi, often also seen as one of the founders even though he officially was not, joined the other two in 1986 and was seemingly key to Quark's early success. Mr. Ebrahimi still owns Quark, Inc. yet is apparently not actively involved in it's day-to-day activities.

In 1986 Quark launched QuarkXPress, offering features the desktop publishing (DTP) community needed and rival Adobe PageMaker didn't offer at that time. Another key to Quark's early and continued success was their software developers program which they coined or called, XTensions developers. XTensions are third-party developed and managed software tools that enhance the functionality of QuarkXPress.

In the 1990's QuarkXPress 3 gained around 90% market share of page layout applications. This inspired Adobe Systems to launch a competitive product, called Adobe InDesign, in 1999. Today, competition between Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress is still fierce and market share of the two applications is subject to speculation.

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