Rhodamine 6G

An organic color pigment used in printing inks. Rhodamine 6G is a bright rose pink which can be produced in several varieties: triple salts produced by combining the original dyestuff with phosphoric, molybdic, and tungstic acids (referred to as PMTA), or double salts produced by combining the dyestuff with phosphoric and molybdic acids (referred to as PMA), phosphoric and tungstic acids (referred to as PTA), or with silicomolybdic acid by itself (referred to as SM). The triple salt variety tends to possess higher lightfastness, and neither the triple nor double salts are alkali or soap resistant. The double salts tend to be less expensive and stronger in color. Rhodamine 6G is used as magenta in many inks used in four-color process color printing, as well as a variety of other applications. (See Organic Color Pigments.)

Also known as PMTA Pink ('CI Pigment Red 81 No. 45160:1').

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