Roll Sheeter

A device attached to the feeder section of a sheetfed offset lithographic press that allows a continuous roll or web of paper to be used in lieu of cut sheets. A roll sheeter automatically cuts a roll of paper into individual sheets just prior to feeding into the press. It is typically synchronized to the speed of the press, allowing printing to occur at full speed. The advantages of a roll sheeter include the economy of purchasing paper rolls rather than cut-sheet paper, the elimination of the need to stack paper, and the prevention of downtime caused by having to reload sheets of paper into the press. It also saves on makeready, and as the size of the sheets can be set, the most economically-sized paper can be used with little waste. Some even come with a bar that automatically eliminates any curling caused by roll winding. Roll sheeters can be attached to work in tandem with a conventional feeding system in minutes. Most roll sheeters also cut the sheets accurately to within ±0.01 inch. (See also Pile Table and Feeder Section: Sheetfed Offset Lithography.)

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