Delivery Section

The portion of a printing press where the printed sheets are stacked to dry, or to await further finishing operations such as trimming, folding, etc. The delivery section typically comprises a delivery cylinder, which may power a delivery chain, each of which contains grippers that carry the printed sheet from the last impression cylinder to the delivery pile, a series of joggers (or similar devices) that keep the sheets in a neat stack, and various add-on devices such as a sheet decurler and delivery-assist devices such as suction rollers, Blow-downs, and pile wedges, all of which work to keep the sheets neatly piled. A variety of different sheet-guiding mechanisms are added to the delivery cylinder or delvery chain to more easily transport the printed sheet without smearing, mudging, or marking the inl. Such devices include skeleton wheels, air-transport drums, or near-fdrictionless covers such as those found on transfer cylinders. Add-on devices such as skeleton wheels (or other types of wheels) need to be positioned so that they do not contact the sheet in an image area, to prevent smudging. Proper positioning of the joggers also ensures that the pages are stacked neatly. (See Delivery Cylinder, Transfer Cylinder, and Jogger.)

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