A color management system—a set of computer programs or utilities that ensures consistent color throughout the prepress processes by calibrating the color relationships among the scanners, monitors, printers, imagesetters, and other devices in the chain from input to output—developed by Electronics For Imaging (EFI). The EfiColor system uses device profiles to convert from color space to color space, allowing users to manually or automatically remap or adjust colors that cannot be accurately matched. Although originally availble only as part of specific applications (such as QuarkXPress and Photoshop), an all-purpose CMS called EfiColor Works can be used to ensure complete input-to-output color management. An integral part of EfiColor Works is a System Profile, which allows device-by-device customization of any element in the system according to such aspects as gamma, screen angles, dot area density, dot shape, screen ruling, gray component replacement, or a variety of other image attributes. (See ["Color Management System [CMS]"].)

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