The surface smoothness of paper, which differs greatly according to variations in one or more aspects of the papermaking process, including use of and the design attached to a dandy roll in the forming section, the degree of wet pressing in the press section, and the use of felts, calenders and supercalenders, embossing rolls, or coatings applied to a paper surface. Common paper finishes include Antique, Calender, Cockle, Crash, Dead, Dry, Dull-Coated, Eggshell, Embossed, English, Felt, Granite, Handmade, High, Kid, Kromecote, Laid, Linen, Low, Mottled, Natural, Pebble, Plate, Ripple, Satin, Smooth, Suede, Vellum, Water, and Wove. Papers with varying smoothness have varying degrees of printability, ink receptivity, and absorbency.

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