Forwarding Roller

A device on a sheetfed printing press that transfers paper from the sheet-separation unit to the feedboard. The number of rollers (typically an even number) varies according to the width of the press and/or the size of the paper, but they should be evenly spaced across the width of the paper. Folding the sheet into even sections and placing the rollers on the outermost creases is a good rule of thumb for setting their position. The tension of the rollers should be compatible with the thickness of the paper; inserting a 0.004-inch thick strip of paper between the roller and the feed tape and lowering the roller until the strip can be pulled out with only a slight amount of drag is typical. Regardless of the tension, it is imperative that all rollers be set with identical amounts of tension, or the paper is likely to be fed through them at an angle. (See Feeding Section: Sheetfed Offset Lithography and Feedboard.)

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