PANTONE Open Color Environment

A color management system—a set of computer programs or utilities that ensure consistent color throughout the prepress processes by calibrating the color relationships among the scanners, monitors, printers, imagesetters, and other devices in the chain from input to output—developed by PANTONE. Most other color management systems are based on the CIE color space, but the PANTONE Open Color Environment (abbreviated POCE) utilizes an original color model called Appearance Equivalency (AeQ). POCE allows color matching from device to device for both spot color and for process color, as well as for continuous tone color images. Like other color management systems, it utilizes device profiles, which can be user-modified, but unlike other systems it operates at the operating system level, and even supports cross-platform color matching among Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX platforms. (See ["Color Management System [CMS]"].)

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