Roll Stand

A device used in web offset lithography (or on other types of web presses) to hold a paper roll and feed it with consistent and controlled tension into the printing unit of the press. Metering rollers and one or more dancer rollers are often part of the roll stand. Roll stands may either be single-roll stands (which hold only one roll of paper at a time) or double-roll stands (which hold two rolls of paper at a time). An auxiliary roll stand may also be used. The roll stand is commonly located directly behind the first printing unit of the press, but some configurations use a side roll stand, in which the roll stand is located to the side of the press, the web being transferred into the printing unit by angle guides. Such arrangements are useful in pressrooms lacking enough space to keep the roll stand in line with the rest of the press. (See Web Offset Lithography: Infeed and Web Control.)

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