UK Printing Industry

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Describe uk investment here. Print Industry in Uk - Employment and market value profile* - circa two hundred thousand (200,000) people in 18,000 companies in the UK, and with a turnover of over £13 billion a year, printing is the fifth largest industry in the country.
* DTI Figures 2006.
Unlike competitors in other countries, here in the UK we have a higher proportion of SMEs. Reliable estimates suggest up to 90 per cent of printing firms in the UK may have less than ten (10) employees, and a third have a turnover of less than a £100,000 a year.
This would seem to be the result of printing departments being closed by their parent organisations which then leads to skilled printers establishing thier own and necessarily smaller companies.
The main cluster seem to be concentrated along the M62 & M4 "corridors" (?).
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